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**Please note that the methodology used to determine country scores for Reporters Without Borders’s Press Freedom Index experienced a number of slight changes from 2002 to 2012. The 2013 publication includes an updated scale of 0-100. Irregularities on the graphs may appear due to these changes.

Freedom House Score: 59 (Partly Free) [Freedom House Methodology]
{Lower is Better, Score Ranges from 0 to 100}  

RSF Score: 29.39 [RSF Methodology]
{Lower is Better, Score Ranges from 0 to 100}  

Reporters Without Borders Description:

Often victims of the violence that has plagued Guatemala for decades, journalists are reluctant to tackle sensitive subjects because they fear reprisals by criminal groups or government officials. At the same time, media ownership continues to be concentrated in few hands.

Nearly two decades after the end of the 1960-1996 civil war, violence endures in Guatemala. Former military dictator Efrain Rios Montt was convicted of war crimes and genocide during his 1982-1983 presidency only to have his conviction immediately overturned. This climate is largely responsible for the many violations of freedom of information, which have increased since the start of 2013.

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