Tools and Resources

In our effort to improve the media development field as a whole, when CIMA notices a need or gap in the field, we attempt to fill that gap.

Toward this end, CIMA has developed a number of resources that might be useful to anyone involved in international media assistance or even just interested in media development issues.

Country Profiles

CIMA has compiled data on the media in developing countries around the world. This data is drawn primarily from IREX's Media Sustainability Index, Freedom House's Freedom of the Press index, and Reporters Without Borders's Press Freedom Index. While these indexes measure different aspects of press freedom, by including each of them, we hope to provide a more complete picture of the media in each country. Also included in these summaries is data from the Committee to Protect Journalists as
well as news updates from IFEX.

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What's Happening in Media Development

CIMA strives to remain tapped into the media development community and keep up to date on new efforts and developments. In addition to our daily media news, the Center collects stories on important developments within the media development sector. From time to time, CIMA staff will post their thoughts and analysis of the sector in this section as well.

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Media News

Every Monday and Wednesday, CIMA compiles a list of articles from a variety of news sources. You can see these stories here or get them via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or RSS.

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Digital Media Mash Up

Each week on Friday, CIMA distributes a compilation of news articles about digital media and media development. The Mash Up also includes links the most relevant events and research relating to the field. It is intended to be a comprehensive resource allowing readers to learn about the most important digital media developments during the previous week. You can subscribe to the Mash Up as a weekly email here

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Mapping Digital Media

CIMA worked with the Open Society Foundations to identify the most important digital media indicators in the Mapping Digital Media report series. Covering 60 countries, the project includes data on how these changes affect news about political, economic, and social affairs. The mapping tool allows for the visualization of these indicators from each report and enables the comparison of digital media penetration in various countries. Please note that some data from the reports has been recalculated to ensure that comparable data is presented in the map.

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Bibliographic Database

CIMA has compiled a bibliography containing books, reports, articles, working papers, and manuals relevant to the field of international media assistance. This database is intended to be useful to a variety of interested parties. CIMA hopes to update and expand the bibliography through user participation. We seek your additions to the contents as well as suggestions to improve this database.

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Looking for additional resources? Visit CAMECO's Resource Centre

Global Media Law Web Site

Following CIMA's working group on the legal environment for media, participants recommended the development of a central resource for media law issues around the world. In response, the Center for Global Communications Studies at the University of Pennsylvania organized an effort to address this need. was created to bring together media lawyers, academics, journalists, students and other practitioners and provide access to assistance, information, news, and resources on media law and policy matters worldwide.