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Soft Censorship: Report from Mexico

CIMA Releases Next Report in Series Partnership with WAN-IFRA When international media watchers think about Mexico’s press, the first image that often comes to mind is the tragedy of journalists getting killed or censoring themselves in an effort to avoid

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Event: Communications Law in Ecuador

Communications Law in Ecuador: When Censoring a Cartoon Becomes a Presidential Priority Since President Rafael Correa won his reelection, he has used a series of laws and decrees to constrain criticism and dissent. The most visible victims of these new

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Media and Power in Turkey: Insight into P24

Providing a Platform for Independent Media In Turkey, citizens now have the option to go online and read viable news websites to see what the print newspapers aren’t reporting. “Newspapers have a limited shelf life. People are moving to electronic

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Q&A: Exiled Journalist and CIMA Author David Satter

David Satter, a former Financial Times journalist and author, achieved another distinction a few weeks ago. He was living in Moscow and working for Radio Liberty when he suddenly found himself under intense scrutiny: His visa was revoked by Russian

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Soft Censorship: Reports from Serbia and Hungary

CIMA Releases Two Reports in a Series on Censorship with WAN-IFRA Some problems facing independent media never seem to go away. When I became associated with CIMA more than five years ago, my assignment was to write a research report

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