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The Self-Defeating Censorship of Xi Jinping

When Xi Jinping emerged as the likely successor to the Chairmanship of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2008, there was hope among Western leaders that he would usher in a more open and politically pragmatic era for China. After

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A New World Order: Journalists versus ‘Democratators’

Journalists are no longer special. That is Joel Simon’s sad but all-too-true assessment of why journalists are becoming an endangered species in many parts of the world. By CPJ’s count 60 journalists around the world were killed in 2014. “We

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Turmoil in Turkey: Raids on Media Outlets

The media in Turkey has had a difficult year. Following last December’s corruption scandal human rights and press freedom groups from around the world have condemned the Turkish governments’ actions against the media. In March, Twitter and YouTube  were shuttered following a

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Soft Censorship in Argentina

In Argentina, there are plenty of news outlets that freely criticize and question the government, which many would argue is a sign of a healthy media environment.  According to Freedom House’s 2014 figures for Freedom of the Press, however, Argentina

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Freedom on the Net Declines for Fourth Straight Year

Global internet freedom is in its fourth straight year of decline, according to the annual Freedom on the Net index released by Freedom House. The 2014 index, released early yesterday morning, looks at three levels of internet use: obstacles to

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