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Event: Documenting Democracy and Extremism in Pakistan through Political Cartoons

Political cartoons grace the pages of newspapers throughout the world often as fillers, deemed unimportant, when in reality, these images have the power to say more than any text based article. Political cartoonists play an essential role in conveying the

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Treading Softly: Soft Censorship in Russia

Only a few brave souls will continue to produce objective, high-quality news when they have many incentives not to do so. Independent news sources in Russia face increasingly higher risks of litigation, verbal attacks by government news sources, or shutdown.

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Is the Private Sector the Key to Reversing Internet Censorship?

Guest post by John Sinden of American University SIS International Relations Online Turkey, heralded as a modern secular republic, has been increasingly plagued by political polarization, authoritarian policies, and massive protests. During times of protest, Turkish citizens are finding themselves without

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Blogging for a Future Democracy: The Story of Anh Ba Sam

Guest post by Pham Doan Trang On a late spring day in Hanoi, officers from the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security launched a sudden raid on the home and business of well-known blogger, Nguyen Huu Vinh, better known as Anh Ba

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The Last Frontier: Regulating Independent Media Online

Russian dissidents have used the Internet to organize protests and to speak out against corrupt officials and unjust practices. Putin has termed the Internet a “CIA project” and recognizes the power it gives to his opponents. The Kremlin is taking

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